Exactly 6 months ago, on July 17,  I blogged this:

“However, I am staying positive, because there are no uses for me to live my life always wondering when this will happen.   He told me that at some point, I will have to make this very difficult decision… wait for something catastrophic to happen, or operate now and risk now.   Not the kind of decision anybody wants to take.”

This “point” has arrived.  At least from one very skilled neurosurgeon. I was getting used to being told to just go home! Being told that surgery is an option and that I have a choice to make is a whole new ball game for me now… I have to make that decision.  It is so hard to choose…. Im no ready!  I guess I never would be ready to choose… but I think seeing another very qualified neurosurgeon at Mayo Clinic on March 6 will give me more confidence/facts/confirmation etc.


4 thoughts on “Decision

  1. Im anxious for you to meet with neurology in Minnesota! Im praying that you find the answers you desperately seek whether those answers lean one way or the other and that you will find peace to make your decision. Hugs my dear friend xxx

    • Thank you so much Melissa! I cant believe we both found out life changing information the same day and both dealing with the next step the same day again in March!

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