Posted in February 2013


Alright, wordpress has done it…. they started putting ads, and gross ones as that, on ‘unpaid” blogs….. I moved my blog to blogspot, which is more known anyway 🙂 If you liked following me on here, you can re do so on blogspot. All my old posts are moved there. The only thing that is … Continue reading

Neurosurgeons “gods”

These 2 doctors I am doing to see are basically so talented at what they do that they are both considered amongs the best in the entire world.  Dr. Spetzler grew up in Germany, and Dr. Lanzino in Italy, but they both came to the United States to specialize in Brainstem conditions and surgery after … Continue reading


Exactly 6 months ago, on July 17,  I blogged this: “However, I am staying positive, because there are no uses for me to live my life always wondering when this will happen.   He told me that at some point, I will have to make this very difficult decision… wait for something catastrophic to happen, or … Continue reading

Mayo, Barrow and Hopkins

I had a MRI follow up about 2 weeks ago.  The results turned out to be pretty good.  No bleeding, No indication that it is about to bleed.  I was surprised, because I have not been feeling really good. Also, after further research, i learned that this doesnt mean anything as far as bleeding goes. … Continue reading