Posted in September 2012

Specific Medical Information

Central nervous system cavernous hemangioma From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Central neverous system cavernous hemangioma is a cavernous hemangioma that arises in the central nervous system. It can be considered to be a variant of hemangioma, and is characterized by grossly large dilated blood vessels and large vascular channels, less well circumscribed, and more involved … Continue reading


Here is a message I sent to some of my facebook friends, feeling it was now necessary to let them know of this new life of mine. Good day facebook friends, I am not sending this to everyone. Only the ones of you that asked me what the * hell* l am i talking about … Continue reading

Being Prisoner

Just a couple weeks ago, as I Laid in bed, unable to sleep, I started to foolishly self pity myself over some of my life’ struggles. My loving husband laying next to me, his hands around me, pulling me towards him in his sleep… I realized that I was not alone despite what I am … Continue reading