Posted in July 2012

New Doctor

I saw a new neurosurgeon yesterday. Everybody kept telling me to get a second opinion, and a third. I saw the second yesterday.  I liked him a lot better than the first Doctor.  He is the husband of a friend’s friend. haha  He was very friendly and took the time to give me a lot … Continue reading

Ready, Set, GO!

I have been reading a lot about my “condition”.  Its been good to know different views, different stories, from different people with different attitudes.  Its good to know what to expect, and what what to let go.   I came across so many experiences like mine.   I only found 3-4 people that are sharing what they … Continue reading


I have a deep, bleeding cavernoma.(Some doctors call it a tumor, but it is mostly a “condition”, because it is not cancer) I have known for about a month now.  Today, I found out it cannot be operated on because it is very deep  into  the brain bloodstem. I really was caught by surprised because … Continue reading